Lafayette Hotel

Time to Sign-up for our Chapters Annual Membership Meeting & Dinner

The 2016 ACBS NC/LT Chapter events are almost over.  On Saturday, November 5th we will gather for our final Board meeting surrounded by a great lunch cruise on the USS Potomac mid-day and a wonderful dinner after.  This is the last time for friends and fun in 2016.  It’s been a great year!  Be there to say thank you and good-bye to our President, Barbara Foster and to welcome Debra Dobbins, our 2017 President.  This is always a great event….join us!


Nominations posted for 2017 Officers and Directors

Each year at our Annual Membership Meeting in November, the ACBS NC/LT membership is presented with the following years slate of Officers and Directors.  The 2017 slate of Officers and Directors is as follows:

President:  Debra Dobbins

1st VP:  Layne Davis

2nd VP: Robert Gaestel

3rd VP: Don Leutz

Directors Class of 2017: Cheryl Caplan to fulfill last year of Tom O’Rourke’s term

Directors Class of 2019: Miles Kashyap, Pat Butler, Bill Means, Gordon Kirkland

This slate of officers will be voted upon at the Annual Membership Dinner on Saturday, November 5th at the Lafayette Park Hotel in Lafayette, CA.  Hope to see you there! Sign up for the days events here.


Farthest Traveled to ACBS International Meeting & Boat Show?

photo courtesy of Victor Strange

If you guessed somewhere on the east coast, you’re wrong!  Victor Strange and Anna Berglind Dungal came all the way from ICELAND!  That’s right, Hafnarfjordur, Iceland. And what a delightful couple.  Hafnarfjordur is the 3rd largest city in Iceland with approximately 28,000 people.  It’s a port city located in the south western part of Iceland.

Victor shared his story of how he came to own a wood boat.  By the way, he’s the only restorer and owner of a Chris Craft in ALL of Iceland and the ONLY ACBS member as well!  At age 15, Victor started his 30 year career of whaling.  Needless to say, he loved the sea and boats.  After retirement he began his search for a Chris Craft boat.  He found one in the US and had it brought to Iceland.  He spent approximately 3 years restoring a 19′ 1955 Capri Runabout he named Hlátur.  When asked, he noted that he has no resources for Chris Craft parts in Iceland, so all of his parts, down to the screws, are ordered and shipped to him from the US. Victor is searching for his next project, a Chris Craft Holiday.  Boating these days is done in fresh water lakes near their home.  Victor hopes to find his new project boat soon….no restored boat for him, he wants to spend the next several years working on his Holiday and bringing it back to life.

In his email with promised pictures of Hlátur, Victor says, “We just want to thank you for the great time we had at Lake Tahoe, the show was fantastic and all the people we met there were wonderful.  All the planning and organization was great.”


Hlátur, a 1955 Chris Craft Capri Runabout


One more day of fun and beautiful mahogany at Carnelian Bay, Lake Tahoe!

photo courtesy of Cheryl Caplan

Come and see 66 wooden boats from 15′ to 38′ and from 1921 to 2015!  This photo only shows part of the show.  We’ve got Chris Craft’s, HackerCrafts, Rivas, a Wecco (the only one left in existence), Sea Lyon’s, Gar Wood’s, Century’s, Greavette’s, Stan-Craft’s, Ventnor Boat Works, Philbrick’s, Besotes’ and home built boats that will please the eye, warm your hearts and will hook you with their beauty.

Last day….Saturday, September 24, 2016 at Sierra Boat Company, Carnelian Bay Lake Tahoe from 9 am to 4 pm.  Tickets are $10 at the gate with kids under 12, free.  Can’t beat the deal!  We hope to see you there!

Rosebud IIresized

Come to the 41st ACBS International Meeting & Boat Show this weekend!

Cheryl and John Cox of Hood, CA, have entered a 1953 24ft Greavette Streamliner in this year’s ACBS International Boat Show being held at Sierra Boat Company in Carnelian Bay, Lake Tahoe CA.  They purchased her in Bow Lake, New Hampshire, in January 2007.  The Greavette Boat Company was in Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada, and this boat was reportedly purchased originally by a Canadian oil corporation.  They chose the Greavette because the first time they saw one, they fell in love with its unique Art Deco styling and the convenience of its triple S cockpit.    The Cox’s named her Rosebud II after their Victorian which was named Rosebud Rancho almost 150 years ago.  The boat hull and interiors were all original.  They have since replaced a few interior floor boards and had the deck re-caulked in its original yellow striping.  The chrome was re-plated by Sherm’s Custom Plating of Sacramento.  Rosebud II had been repowered at some point with a 305ci Chevrolet.  They have replaced it with an Edelbrock equipped 350ci Chevrolet which makes the trips across the Lake for “Wet Woodies” and “Rum Runners” a little speedier.

The boat show starts Friday, Sept 23rd  at 9 am and runs until 4 pm, with a repeat of times on Saturday, the 24th.  Come and see all the beautiful mahogany and shiny chrome!  Only $10 for adults and children under 12 are free.  See you this weekend!