I’m looking for 2018 event pictures to add to the robust Gallery listings on our website.  You may send them to me via email or, if you have lots to share, put them on a thumb drive and mail it to me.  I’ll return the thumb drive after I’ve downloaded them.  Please only send pics that are in the .jpeg format….no .png’s please.  Email me for my address if you are going to mail a thumb drive.

Looking forward to your contributions!

Cheryl Caplan, NC/LT ACBS Webmaster



1984 – 2018 NC/LT ACBS Chapter Presidents

Glory Beall and Steve Lapkin, founders
Video courtesy of Sandy Chase with pictures from various members

The ACBS Annual Meeting this year not only installed our new officers, but celebrated the beginning of the Chapter and all of our past presidents.  For your enjoyment is a 9 minute picture montage of every one of our presidents since we became a chapter in 1984.  Thank you to each and every one of our Presidents!  Enjoy!

If you see a picture that you would like to have, email and describe it she will send it to you.

Wood & Glory XXI – DATE CHANGE

Images courtesy of Wayne Mooers and Cheryl Caplan

An IMPORTANT message from Jim Robello regarding next year’s Wood & Glory dates! 

Thank you all for telling us your 2018 Wood & Glory 20th anniversary year was an “over the top” success.  We are already looking forward to the 2019 event, and want to share the following updates with you at this time.

This year (2018) the California Speedboat Association held a Vintage Race Boat “Tune & Test” on Clear Lake out of the Buckingham Homeowners’ facilities.  It was held in mid-May and unfortunately it’s timing was in conflict with both our ACBS Bass Lake event and also their own CSA Bass Lake Vintage Race Boat event.  Our mutual members had to choose which event to attend.

Their local coordinator, Joe Bullock and I began discussing how we could pull the two events together to create a ‘Vintage Boating Week’ here at Clear Lake.   We recognized that we have a unique opportunity to enhance our ACBS event at Clear Lake by linking up with the CSA’s Vintage Race Boat “Tune & Test” event activities here also.

The solution that we came up with was to move their “Tune & Test“ event forward to the weekend following Memorial Day (which was Wood & Glory’s traditional date) and also move our Wood & Glory forward to the second weekend in June. Not only does this change eliminate their overlap with our Bass Lake events, it also allows an extra week between our two ACBS events, and more members from both groups may now be able to participate more easily in both our Bass Lake and Clear Lake events.

This week your Wood & Glory Committee met and agreed to the following “Clear Lake Vintage Boating Week” calendar event changes for 2019Please mark your calendars accordingly.

Saturday & Sunday, June 1 & 2,    Vintage Race Boat Tune & Test, Buckingham Park

Monday & Tuesday, June 3 & 4,   Open boating times

Wednesday, June 5,   Braito’s Hatteras Lake Cruise and Sea Scouts Phoenix Lake Cruise

Thursday, June 6,    Thomas’ hosted reception

Friday, June 7,   Lahti’s Woodie Whoopie potluck dinner on the lakefront

Saturday, June 8,   Boat cruise to Casino Boat Show, lunch overlooking the Boat Show Harbor, and our evening awards dinner.

Sunday, June 9,    Boat cruise to a wrap up picnic destination – Library Park, Anderson Island, or Bell Haven Resort – choices under consideration.

Let’s all go Wood & Glory Boating Again!

Jim Robello, Event Chairman

and Your Wood & Glory Committee