at-a-glance…..2017 Delta Cruise

photos courtesy of Joel Castro

As we wrap up the “on the water” events for 2017, here’s Joel Castro’s pics of the 2017 Delta Cruise.  Enjoy!


at-a-glance….2017 Wood & Glory XIX

Sunset over Clear Lake photo courtesy of Joel Castro

Hardly “at-a-glance” but some great pics to scroll through.  Enjoy!!

Photos courtesy of Joel Castro



California Dreamin’

by Debra Dobbins

California has beaches and we just love them!  Cold or warm, rocky and sandy sunny beaches.  The smell of the Pacific Ocean is intoxicating!  The salt air on the tip of your tongue as you breathe in the other flavors of the sea.  Divine!  There is no place else like it.  Seagulls, sea lions and seaweed.  Santa Cruz has it all!  Cypress trees, Redwood trees and wineries.  Delicious!