Are you signed up for Wood & Glory XXI?

The lake is nice and full for this year’s Wood & Glory event.  While there was a little flooding in low areas around the lake, there’s been no serious damage to report.


A New Opportunity – Paddleboard Building Classes!

Our Chapter of ACBS is a 501c3 non-profit organization which allows us to support or accept support from other 501c3 non-profits with projects that meet our mission. With that, Tahoe Maritime Center – Museum & Gardens has made a wonderful offer to our membership. They are offering these standup paddleboard classes at Museum Member pricing exclusively to ACBS NC/Lake Tahoe Chapter! This is a $250 savings!

If you don’t want a paddleboard for yourself, think about your grandchildren. If they are at least 15 years old, for an additional $350, they can attend the workshop with you and help you build the board! A great opportunity for both of you! Here’s the information.


Runabouts on the River Coming up in July!

This is our second year at the Stockton Sailing Club for a fun Chapter antique and classic boat show. We had so much fun last year that we decided to do it again! Mark your calendars for July 26-28 and be there! Sign up here!

A Magical Time in Beautiful Lake County

Boating, Wine Tasting, Eating, Swimming, Water Skiing, Boating,
Eating, Friends, Boating in the Parade, Boat Show, Eating, Wine
Tasting, Picnic, Raffle Tickets, and Prizes!

This is the best way to start your Summer. It’s all about using your
boat with family and friends. This annual event has become the go to
for the ACBS/Tahoe Chapter. So many ways to enjoy your boat, but if
you don’t have a boat to use, there will be many boats for you to have
a ride in; maybe even a race boat. Each year we make new friends, see
new boats, see old friends, and have so much fun. If you have not come to
Lake County, this year is your year to join us for FUN!

Sign up here or mail in your signup sheet found in Western Wood.