Wood & Glory XXI Wrap-up!

Edited & Presented by Wayne Mooers
Photos courtesy of Lee Chase

Jim, Gail, Barbara & Dan – All Smiles

Celebrating the 21st year of Wood & Glory at Clear Lake, Chairman Jim Robello, Co-Chair Barbara Foster and their spouses Gail and Dan are pleased to announce the successes of this great ACBS event. We had 106 members and 57 guests and 48 + boats! This years Guests of Honor were Bob and Madi Mount.


3 Cousins & a Pico!

                             Story written by Pat Butler, the cousins grandmother & ACBS Board Member

For many summers Coop, Will & Brody (in the picture above) developed their “aquatic creds” in the cool Lake Tahoe water. Each summer the cousins would acquire larger and larger kayaks, in successive summers they mastered the family paddle board, canoe and, finally, the new dinghy. They all relished a challenge, always looking for the next thing to do and in the summer of 2018, they would be 13, 11, & 10 respectively. Perfect ages for an exciting, active, competitive summer and they were also, really, really, ready for a big, new adventure!


Are you signed up for Wood & Glory XXI?

The lake is nice and full for this year’s Wood & Glory event.  While there was a little flooding in low areas around the lake, there’s been no serious damage to report.