Member Profile: John Lawrence

Photo:  W&G XVIII Classic Race Boat Coordinator John Lawrence.  1972 17’ Lauterbach E Class Hydro 280, THRILL ME.

All we asked him to do was coordinate this year’s ACBS Chapter’s Wood & Glory’s Classic Race Boat activities.  And man, did John Lawrence coordinate. At this time, limited invitations to 15 classic racing boat contacts have been confirmed, and John is “producing” some exciting new boats and their related stories for us to appreciate and enjoy at this year’s activities.   The (CRB) boats will be displayed at our Saturday Casino Show, and featured both on and off the water during our Sunday Lakeport Library Park activities.  Many of us know John from his past co-chairing of our Wood & Glory events; yet here’s part of the rest of his Story.


Wood & Glory XVIII Update

photo courtesy of Groody River Media

ACBS Northern California / Lake Tahoe Chapter’s

June 2 ~ 5, 2016, Clear Lake, Lake County CA

         June 2: “THE” event starts, (in 10 weeks)

May 20th: Registration Deadline, (9 weeks)

March 15th: Register today!



The Restoration Workshop, to be held this weekend, March 11 & 12 has been postponed due to rain.  Fortunately, there were backup dates pre-scheduled.  So, if you signed up, be aware that the Restoration Workshop has been rescheduled for April 22nd and 23rd.  Any questions should be directed to Debra Dobbins at (530-263-3229) or Lew at (530-263-0412).

If you didn’t sign up and are interested in attending, THERE ARE OPENINGS for the rescheduled April dates.

Tahoe Maritime Museum receives money for SUP Program

President Barbara Foster along with her husband, Dan made a visit to the Tahoe Maritime Museum to give them a $1621 check which was half of the money raised from our Chapter Auction at our Annual Membership Meeting last November. This amount was half of the money raised from the auction. The other half was deposited into our Chapter’s Endowment fund. TMM will use the money for the SUP (Stand-up paddleboard) Program that gives children the opportunity to build a paddleboard which teaches them boat building techniques. This is a great opportunity for our Chapter to fulfill its mission of education by supplying money and also supplying members support for the actual classes. ACBS member Terry Clapham has spearheaded this program for the Museum. Contact Lora Nadolski at the museum 530.525.9253 to offer your time to help with the SUP Program this summer.

TMM grant money