Changes and Updates to Wood & Glory XIX

Thomas’ Thursday Dinner Venue Changed

By Feb 23rd the winter rains filled Clear Lake to some 18” above flood stage.  What that 18” did was flood Donna & Allen Thomas’ Corinthian Bay property and part of their home.  Yet positive Donna says, “we’re ok, and I guess I’m not cooking this year, and I guess I get new carpeting!”

Wood & Glory has quickly responded and changed the Thomas’ Thursday evening dinner this year (only) to a traditional Woody Whoopie format to be held at the Buckingham Homeowners facilities.  We’re going to smile back and say thanks to Allen & Donna, and keep their Thursday evening happening a happy happening!  A $10 / person donation at the door again requested for Thomas’ choice veteran group Tango Mike.  This Whoopie will be a bring-your-own entrée and adult beverages; A-M brings appetizer or desert, N-Z salad & side dish.  Come by boat or car.  Location is 2850 Eastlake (at golf course) with plenty of parking.  Limited dock space available; plan on anchoring out.   Volunteers are needed to assist with set up / clean up.  Contact Gail Robello or Susan Mooers please.

John Lawrence updates Lake Port Sprint Boat Races

“An update for anyone interested in viewing the Lakeport Sprint Boat Races 6/2 -6/4.  We will obtain 25 pit passes for our members on a first come basis. Jack Long, the promoter of the Sprint Boat Races, has also invited Vintage Race boats to participate in the event from 3-5 PM on Sunday.  This invitation is to do “Flybys” around the race course, which will have the appropriate safety crews on the water to assist, if necessary. ACBS is not in any way sanctioning this event. Any participants will have to abide by all the rules associated with a “race event”. For information regarding stringent rules of doing flybys, contact John Lawrence 707-277-7255 or email”

It is also our understanding during our June 2, Friday W&G open time some of our members are planning on cruising up to Lakeport to view the Sprint Boat activities.  The Library Park docks and picnic facilities are available to you – first come, first served basis, yet respect the race boats and officials on hand and idle in with no wakes please.

Gene & Sue Dangel update winery activities

Some of our members are gathering together on both Thursday and Friday open time spaces and visiting the wineries – specifically hanging out and lunching (BYO) at Boatique Winery.  Gene recommends reviewing site and then calling him if you need additional input or recommendations.  Contact:  925-973-9213,

Gail Robello reports     The Mounts will once again be serving complimentary wine tasting prior to Suenran’s Wine County BBQ Tri Tip entree this year at our Saturday evening Boatique Winery dinner.  Our guest of honor will be frisky Carl Braito who is turning 100 in April.

Susan Mooers reports   She needs all your registration “stuff”, and also your box lunch choice for the Casino show and picnic  – if you registered using the blue sign up form in Western Wood (your choices were omitted).  Based on requests for a ‘lighter’ meal, Turkey, Veggie Wraps, and Salad box lunches are available this year with fruit and a side salad from Rosey Cooks.   W&G has also expanded our shade and picnic area at the Casino and cordoned it off for W&G participants only this year.

Jim & Wayne report    W&G XIX continues to be all about a gathering of family and friends to use and enjoy our boats on Clear Lake!

We’re 11 weeks out now – See you real soon, and Lets go Wood & Glory Boating!