Runabouts on the River was a success!

People’s Choice Winner photo courtesy of Sylvia Leutz

What a fun day in the Delta!  There were about 40 boats and lots of visitors at the Stockton Sailing Club on Saturday, July 28th.  It was reportedly HOT, but everyone enjoyed the day nonetheless.  Here’s a video of our President, Layne Davis, talking to the press on boat show day.

photos courtesy of Sylvia Leutz


Wood & Glory XX … a wonderful long weekend!


MAY 31 > JUNE 3, 2018, CLEAR LAKE, CA

Presented by Wayne Mooers, Chapter Historian, July, 2018

 Event Chairman Jim Robello Smiles

“This year was a special event for us as we marked our 20th consecutive year of celebrating with our ACBS friends. Our founding theme still carries on: A gathering of families and friends to use and enjoy our antique and classic boats. Thank you to all who joined in and continue to make Wood & Glory another successful event!”


Wood & Glory XX Celebrates Notre Dame’s Launching


 Presented by Wayne Mooers, Chapter Historian, July 2018

“No words can describe the anticipation and excitement I felt as I climbed into the driver’s seat next to Gerard Raney that day at Clear Lake.  I was anxious to fire-up the 100 year old, 24 cylinders, Duesenberg for its maiden voyage.  (It would be 70 years since my father, Gene, and his older brother, Dan Arena, had turned it off after her last race.) As I hit the starter button and the engine roared to life, the “Notre Dame” leaped forward like a rocket ship on top of the water.  The engine, with its 917 H.P. and 1000 foot pounds of torque took Gerard and me for a thrill ride of a lifetime.  While we raced across the water, we had a second to look at each other and just grin. I felt Dan, and Gene were sitting with us and smiling as well.