2018 Lake Shasta Rendezvous VII Summary (AKA Smoke Gets in Your Eyes)

Rick Gurries, Grandson Jordan Gurries & Laurie Gurries, photo by W. Mooers
Written by Laurie Gurries, edited & presented by Wayne Mooers

Our ACBS Classic boaters once again showed their determined boating spirit on September 5-10, 2018. The day before our 7th classic boat gathering began at Lake Shasta, the uninvited Delta wildfire started just four miles north of Tsasdi Resort, Lakehead, our event’s “home base”.  The I-5 interstate corridor was quickly closed between north of Redding to south of Mt Shasta City on Wednesday, September 5th.  This left our Lakehead destination area not accessible to our cars driving our classic boats in!

Our early Wednesday arrivals changed destinations and launched their boats – filled with all their belongings – at the boat ramp adjacent to the Shasta Dam – and “boated in!” Captains Gene Dangel and Dan Foster navigated their way up our winding Sacramento Arm waters to Lakehead where we happily offloaded their gear and food into a waiting trailer and SUVs.  Unfortunately as the then fledgling Delta fire grew into a full on “beast”, I-5 stayed officially closed (for five days) eliminating our planned Lakehead drive / launch destination also for our members.

So “Plan B” – Boat In – was invented and implemented!  Overcoming great adversity, our 34 committed members proved their mettle (courage and spirit) in their determination to meet up with our Shasta Gang once again and enjoy their classic boats.

Our Thursday’s arrivals reset their GPS destinations to Jones Valley, on Shasta’s southeastern Pit River Arm.  Once again, all gear, food, beverages (and raffle baskets) were stowed aboard their boats, leaving their tow rigs and non-essentials, parked behind! After a respectful wait for our entire group to arrive, our Plan B fleet took off for the approximate 45-minute cruise with Rick, Gene Dangel and Dan Foster escorting our boats across the lake. When our seasoned captains and their crew pulled up to the courtesy dock near the Gurries’ cabin, Laurie and Tsasdi owner, Scott Schipper, met them to transport both people and party “essentials” to the resort. Friday’s arrivals were fortunate enough to drive up I-5 directly to the resort – as some of the closure restrictions had been temporarily lifted during their arrival time.

As our event pictures show, each morning our entire northwest end of Lake Shasta was blanketed in a fog like smoke – ‘Smoke Gets in Your Eyes’ and masks was the humorous theme for the weekend due to the inversion layer that happened each night. Yet once the breezes picked up by midday, the air cleared and blue skies prevailed. Lake Shasta is a huge lake – with four major river arms with many smaller inlets. Even under the best of circumstances, it’s easy to get lost out there.  Rick navigated our fleet south through the hazy smoke each morning and only made a “couple” of wrong turns on the first morning trying to get to the southeastern side of the lake.  It was an eerie feeling to be out there on the water and see nothing but a whiteout!

All this drama made for a grand adventure, that’s for sure. We went out boating every day as originally intended and had a BLAST. The September weather was fine, the sky was blue, and the water was warm! Each day we rafted our 14 classic boats together and enjoyed our friendships, relaxing, “noodling”, swimming, tubing and water skiing moments.  It felt so great to bond together again, play in the water and forget our cares.

Shasta Noodle Moments  Photo by Wayne Mooers

Our Rendezvous is a very relaxing, low-key event where everyone brings potluck breakfast and dinner items to share. We all bring our own lunches but on Friday, this year, we enjoyed boxed gourmet lunches from Basshole Brews restaurant.  If you went hungry, you had nobody to blame but yourself! Jim and Gretchen Deichler outdid themselves again by catering our entrees two of the nights! All enjoyed the camaraderie that developed being together, visiting boating friends, and welcoming new attendees and new ACBS members to our 7th Rendezvous.

Throughout the course of the weekend raffle tickets were sold for some amazing member donated gift baskets.  The raffle was held Saturday night for the benefit of Layne Davis’ Sea Scout Crew #145. They are such an awesome group of kids who believe in hard work and helping others.

We are so grateful to Tsasdi Resort owners Scott Schipper and Julie O’Loughlin who took all our challenges in stride and bent over backwards to accommodate us whenever needed.  If you ever find yourselves in Shasta’s Lakehead area, at the top of the Sacramento Arm, make sure you stay at Tsasdi Resort and stop in the Basshole Brews, which is a great bar and restaurant – also owned by Scott and Julie. Their food is so yummy! Better yet, make sure you plan on heading up to Lakehead September 6-8th 2019 to enjoy next year’s Lake Shasta Rendezvous with us! You can find lodging at Tsasdi Resort (530) 238-2575 or Sugarloaf Cottages (530) 238-2448. It is really a good idea to book your lodging now as the resorts fill up very quickly.

For more information about our Shasta Rendezvous event, Rick’s cell is (707) 484-0095 and Laurie’s cell is (707) 888-9171.  Please join in!

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