ACBS BOAT BUILDER PROFILE: Besotes Boats, Stockton, CA

Presented by Wayne Mooers, NC/LT Chapter Historian, July 2018

 Brothers George & Charles Besotes, 1959 photo courtesy of Haggin Museum

Custom Boat Builders:         1950 > 1973, Stockton, CA

Owners:                                  The Besotes Brothers, George, 1914 – 2002 and Charlie, 1917 – 2002 “Inseparable” brothers to the                                                          end.

Moved to Stockton:              1927 from St. Helens, Oregon

Originally founded:              1934 Besotes Bros Equipment Co., Wood & steel produce trucks bodies

Boats produced:                   Approximately 200

Boats existing:                      44, Besotes Boat Club, 2005 data

ACBS member boats:          12, ACBS Directory, 2017

Boats featured:                    Custom built to buyers needs.  Lower profile, reverse sheer line.  “Modern” lightweight fiberglassed                                                        plywood hulls, beautiful bright  mahogany decks & interiors. “Fast” big block V-8 direct drive engines.

“Winning” mark made:      Early 1950’s building racing boats for industrialist Henry J Kaiser & others. “Among the fastest in their                                                  time.”

Still winning;                        Orange Crate, 1964 custom race boat.  Owner Ed Scott.   Restored – Sierra Boat Co, 2016.  Awarded                                                     100-point (perfect) restoration winner, 2016

Brothers were also:             Champion Water Skiers. Stockton Water Ski Club founding members & Greek musical instrument                                                          builders.

Charter Members:               St Basil’s Greek Orthodox Church,  Stockton, CA

More information:    , history & pictures news article                                                              archives

The Besotes Brothers’ Family –George, Theopoula, Ann & Charlie

Besotes Boats will be featured at the July 28, 2018 ACBS Classic Boat show “Runabouts-On-The-River.”   

This is page one of a three page profile on the Besotes Boats and our chapter members Robert & Mike Bosworth.

Brothers George and Charlie Besotes were “messing around” in Stockton CA during the 1950 through 1973 era building – among other things, custom built fast speedboats constructed primarily of lightweight fiberglassed plywood hulls with big V-8 engines.  Many of the estimated 200 plus built boats were 50 mph-plus-fast, contemporary designs, and still respected today as rare and fun “specialty classic boats’.

Our ACBS member brothers Robert and Mike Bosworth were carefree kids wondering around Stockton’s waterfront during this same time zone.  “We would walk down to the Besotes plant on Wilson Way before they moved out to Waterloo Road.”  “George would let us in to buy a 10 cent bottled coke out of the machine… and we’d hang out and watch the boat building stuff going on. After a while he would kick us out and we would wonder down the levee to see the other Stockton boat builders.”

“Little did we realize at that time some 60 years later both of us would own and proudly represent the Besotes Brother’s Boats into the Antique & Classic Boating community.  We invite all members and our Besotes boat owners to join in our Besotes reunion in conjunction with the new Runabouts-on-the-River ACBS classic boating event.  Details at