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Carl Max Braito celebrates 100 years


This year Wood & Glory is celebrating Carl Braito as our Guest Of Honor on his 100th birthday! For the past 19 years Carl and his Braito family have sponsored and supported your Wood & Glory Event.  You’re invited to cheer on the man and his story!

Some of the “cuts” from Carl’s colorful member profile stories include, yet certainly are not limited to the following moments.  More will be shared at our Winery Dinner.

“I was born April 1, 1917 in San Francisco…. my father was Giovanni Baptist Braito – a socialist from Northeast Italy. My birth name was Karl Marx Braito”. I grew up in Vallejo with 4 brothers and one sister – all named after socialist leaders!”

I milked cows in the morning, but by the time I graduated from Vallejo High School in 1934, I was “rich” from plucking chickens for $11 a week!”

“I got hired on by Pacific Bridge Company at age 19 and started working on the Golden Gate Bridge job with them.  It paid a $1 an hour, and now I was really rich making $40 a week.”  “ I stayed on with that bridge company for the next 18 years – I worked on building dry docks in San Diego and Hunters Point, San Francisco and spent some time on the big Grand Coulee Dam spillway project in Washington state.”

“I retired from Pacific Bridge in 1954 and moved my family to Buckingham Park, Lake County.  We helped develop the lake’s properties with my Braito Construction Company for the next 50 years including the Konocti Harbor Resort, Clear Lake State Park, Clear Lake Keys, and the Lucerne Harbor in 1967. We moved a lot of rocks!  We also developed – starting in 1957 my families’ Braito’s Buckingham Marina, now a 325 boat slip harbor and once a large Century Boat dealership.”

“In 1962 I was President of the Chamber of Commerce.  We always have a big fire works show off Library Park every 4th of July.  1962 was the year that in addition to the volunteer fireman, a considerable amount of alcohol was aboard the wooden barge we used, along with the mortar tubes holding the fire works.  That was the same year – 1962 we caught the old barge on fire during the display and a bunch of “happy” firemen burned a good part of it down to the waterline!  The crowd thought it was just part of the display and cheered loudly!!  For the next 37 years I donated my antique 65’ steel barge with the 20-ton crane on it.  It was fire proof!

Carl’s stories and smiles will continue.  Join the W&G party!


Born                       San Francisco, April 1, 1917

Raised                    Vallejo, California

Married                 Anne Perry, Benicia, 1942.  Deceased 2003.

Children                Carol Braito Thompson, Bob Braito

Grandchildren     Tony, Deric, and Whitney

Great Grand Children     Arlo Max Braito, born May 18, 2016

Employed             18 years with Pacific Bridge Company

Worked on           Golden Gate Bridge, Grand Coulee Dam and other large marine projects.

Move to                 Lake County, Buckingham Park, 1954

Founded               Braito Construction Company, Excavation, dredging, heavy engineering

Developed            Braito’s Marina into a 325-boat facility

Contracted on      Konocti Harbor Inn, Clear Lake Keys, Clear Lake State Park, Lucerne Harbor projects, countless residential projects, 1955 > 2006

Recognitions         The Stars of Lake County, Lifetime Achievement Award

President               Lake County Chamber of Commerce, ’62-‘63

Classic Boats        16’ 1932 Dodge Runabout and built a 21’ Chris Craft Cruiser Kit boat 1951

Dealer                    Century Boat Company, Top Dealer ’64-92

Still owns his       19’ 1967 Wood Century Arabian, which never has been sold or registered

Still Proud of       His “antique” 1940 65’steel barge.  It was a two story floating “dance hall” on Clear Lake.  Carl bought it in 1958, added a 20-ton                                          Lorain Crane, and the rest of his colorful Carl Max Braito’s story just happened!

Presented by Wayne Mooers, Chapter Director & Historian, April 2017


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