An ACBS Junior member’s story

photo courtesy of Barbara Foster

Our Chapter Board of Directors recently voted to add a “Junior” membership category. Jordan Gurries, the oldest grandson of members Rick and Laurie Gurries, is one of those Junior members.  Jordan is an exemplary young man. Here’s a story that tells us a lot about this Jr. member.

Jordan jordan-gurries2 Gene Dangel

Jordan Anthony Gurries is a 16 year old Junior at Santa Rosa High School and is also on their baseball team.  He has been in Scouting since the fall of 2008.  Jordan joined ACBS in August of 2016 and has only missed three Wood & Glory events at Clear Lake in his entire life.  He loves wood boats and helps Grandpa Rick when he can.

Jordan received his official rank of Eagle Scout at his Eagle Court of Honor on Sunday, October 23rd in a very moving ceremony attended by several ACBS members.  ACBS member Gene Dangel, an Eagle Scout himself, took part in the ceremony.  Of the over 100 merit badges available in the scouting program, 21 are required to become an Eagle Scout.  Of those 21, 13 are specifically assigned.  Several of those badges involve citizenship and family and Scouts are required to create and complete an Eagle Scout Service Project. In the late fall of 2015 Jordan had the opportunity to create his Service Project and give something back to the people of Lake County.  They had recently lost their homes during the devastating fires that took so much from them earlier that year.  He wanted to boost their morale.  After meeting with the Middletown Rotary Club it was decided that he a would spearhead the task of replacing the “Welcome to Middletown” signboard on the North end of town with the help of his grandpa Rick. Jordan’s team worked with Insight Graphics & Design from Forestville to create the new sign design.  After months of permit process and planning, the actual building process finally began in the spring of 2016.  Many businesses from Lake County, Cloverdale, and beyond donated their goods and services.  The sign was built and installed with no funds raised!


Installation day in Middletown was May 21, 2016 and Jordan was joined by his Redwood Empire Troop 121, parents and Scoutmasters. The community was elated to have their sign back!  Working with his grandfather, his community and his scout troop, Jordan achieved his goal and satisfied his Eagle Scout Service Project.  Jordan’s name will be added to the 2 million other boys who have earned the rank of Eagle since 1912.  That’s a ratio of about 4 out of every 100 Scouts who have earned the rank.  Congratulations Jordan!

Jordan is just one example of the young people we are encouraging to join our Chapter.  The opportunity for them to share time with their family, their community and be a part of an organization like ACBS is an opportunity for young people to share those talents with you and for them to learn from us.  They are the future of our hobby!  Look around you, urge the kids around you to become ACBS Jr. members.