Wood & Glory XXIII Update

Article & pictures courtesy of Wayne Mooers

We Thank Gail & Jim Robello

Join with your fellow members in cheering on Gail & Jim Robello for their 22 years of dedication to Wood & Glory’s success story.  At the recent board of directors meeting Jim announced their planned retirement from their (3rd time) as W&G Chair position, and passed off to co-chairwoman Barbara Foster the W&G XXIII leadership role.


Old yacht may be Folly, but it’s a boat ‘you can fall in love with’

photo courtesy of boatersresources.com

Editor’s Note: This article is submitted for reprint on the ACBS website by Pat Butler, NC/LakeTahoe Chapter Historian, with permission from noted columnist Carl Nolte. Mr. Nolte is a news reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle and pens his popular weekly, “Native Son” column for the Chronicle’s Sunday edition. He graciously allowed this article from the Chronicle’s 9/30/2020 edition to be reprinted.

From the: San Francisco Chronicle, Sunday Aug 30, 2020, Page 2
Native Son, By Carl Nolte


We Zoomed Again!

This time it was a Woodie Whoopie. Even though there weren’t a whole bunch of us, we had a good time catching up as we sipped our beverages and nibbled away! Instead of Olimpic Beach, we will Zoom on July 17th at 5:00 pm. Plan to join us. Put it on your calendar now!