Billie Bea II wins People’s Choice at South Tahoe Wooden Boat Classic

The South Tahoe Wooden Boat Classic held July 24th and 25th at Tahoe Keys Marina was another terrific weekend for all who participated and attended.  The boat that caught the eye of most attendees was Bille Bea II, a 1935-36 23′ Earl Barnes Speedster Triple Runabout Torpedo Stern owned by David and Deborah Clark of San Diego.  She’s one of about 25 boats built by Earl Barnes and is one of only a few that have survived.

Kids Choice was a delightful surprise to the Sea Scouts from Ship Challenger.  These young men spent 3 1/2 years building their 17′ Glen L design Cracker Box model with at 302 PCM engine.  The Scouts learned  everything from how to use the tools to all the rudimentary construction of a wood boat all the way through to the upholstery.  The maiden voyage of the boat was from the launch ramp to their slip in the show.  The Scouts are looking forward to execute sea trials in the near future.  What a great opportunity for the Scouts and what an inspiration to the kids who saw her and voted for her.

Skipper’s Choice was another huge surprise!  With great admiration, it was the Sea Scout Glen L design 17′ Cracker Box model.  If you’ve been following it, you know that Chapter members Lee Chase and Layne Davis guided the building of this great little boat.  Layne is the Skipper of the Sea Scout troop and the boat was built in Lee’s garage.  A total of 29 young men worked on this boat over 3 1/2 years as they graduated out and new kids joined the Sea Scout program.  A great story!

The Ladies Choice award went to a bigger boat….Big Duck, a 1950, 22’Chris Craft Custom Sedan with a Chirs-Craft ML 145 hp, 6 cyl engine owned by Bill and Nancy Kehoe.  Found in the mid-west some 12 years ago, the Kehoe’s began her restoration about 3 years ago.  It required a bottom up restoration.  She was aptly named Big Duck as the newest addition to the Kehoe’s series of “duck-named” boats!

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