Sereia – A Piece of History

“Getting Wet on the Solent 2019”, photo courtesy of Trevor Kemp

Thanks again to Pat Butler, our Chapter Historian, Archivist & Board member for spotting this wonderful story on ACBS International’s Weekly Web Watch. She contacted Trevor and via email he approved re-printing of his article on our website. He is keeping his eye on boat shows in the U.S. because he has very few available to him in Europe. Enjoy his great story! Thank you Trevor!



2020 was a tough one all the way around. Let’s all get behind 2021 and make it the best ever for our Chapter. Celebrate 🥂🎊 safely and we will see you all soon!

🎉Happy New Year 🎊


Article and photos by John Carapiet, member of the Northern California/Lake Tahoe chapter reprinted from ACBS International Weekly Web Watch

Several years ago, I was visiting ACBS member Neal Gapoff’s car collection/workshop and saw in the back on a trailer, a Gar Wood Speedster. The name really got me, Hi, Yo, Silver and the hook was set. I said to Neal if you ever want to sell it call me, he laughed and said, “never”.


Wood & Glory XXIII Update

Article & pictures courtesy of Wayne Mooers

We Thank Gail & Jim Robello

Join with your fellow members in cheering on Gail & Jim Robello for their 22 years of dedication to Wood & Glory’s success story.  At the recent board of directors meeting Jim announced their planned retirement from their (3rd time) as W&G Chair position, and passed off to co-chairwoman Barbara Foster the W&G XXIII leadership role.