MADELEINE, Two Classic Love Stories

Madeleine  & Robert Mount, ACBS National Event, August 2017.  Gompertz photo

written by Wayne Mooers

Madeleine Mount is the loving wife of the late Robert A. Mount, December 1943 ~ October 2020. Together, among many other moments, they enjoyed 54 years of marriage, their family, and many memorable boating smiles. And together, they opened their Boatique Winery in 2015, featuring a presentation of their love of fine wines and Robert’s classic boat collection for all to enjoy.


Ralph & Bonnie Wallen remember

“Captain Robert” & “Best Mate” Ralph Wallen, Tahoe, 2011. J Robello photo

written by Wayne Mooers

The Boatique Winery offers a very special collection of beautiful antique and classic wooden boats, and also their award winning fine wines. There is no other like boat and wine collection for the public to enjoy! Ralph Wallen, the winery’s project manager, and his wife Bonnie played a major role in helping the late Robert Mount (1943~2020) and his family put their winery and classic boat collection “dreams” into a reality.


Congratulations TIM BUSH!

Tim and Terry Bush photo courtesy of Sandy Chase

At the ACBS Annual Meeting this week in Alexandria Bay, NY, ACBS Northern California/Lake Tahoe Chapter’s own Tim Bush was installed as President of ACBS International. Tim follows in his father’s footsteps taking the leading role in our boating obsession. Congratulations Tim!

photo courtesy of Sandy Chase

Over 50 proud and supportive NC/LT members were on hand, sporting Tim Bush images, to make Tim’s installation as ACBS International President a memorable occasion.

3 Cousins & a Pico!

                             Story written by Pat Butler, the cousins grandmother & ACBS Board Member

For many summers Coop, Will & Brody (in the picture above) developed their “aquatic creds” in the cool Lake Tahoe water. Each summer the cousins would acquire larger and larger kayaks, in successive summers they mastered the family paddle board, canoe and, finally, the new dinghy. They all relished a challenge, always looking for the next thing to do and in the summer of 2018, they would be 13, 11, & 10 respectively. Perfect ages for an exciting, active, competitive summer and they were also, really, really, ready for a big, new adventure!