Lake Shasta Rendezvous X

The Low Water Gang rides again at Lake Shasta, September 7-10, 2021!  Early arrivals will come in on Labor Day, September 6th.  Fear not fellow boaters, although 2021 is a low water year for our beautiful Northern California Lake Shasta, all is not lost! We may be water challenged, but there will still be 175 miles or so of shoreline in September, more than enough water for our boating experiences! Please join us on Lake Shasta as we dust off the Covid blues and enjoy our boats, the water and visiting with dear friends for a few days of fun in the sun! We’ll raft our boats together for optimal floating conditions!

Schedule of Events

Laurie Gurries will be in touch with you to arrange your food contributions for each of the three potluck dinners Tuesday thru Thursday. And as usual, please BYOB. We’ll provide bottled water. Please bring your food contribution large enough to serve between 12-14 people to each potluck and be prepared to bring leftovers back to your cabin! There is a $20 fee per person for entrees & expenses. Prepare for each day’s outing by wearing your swimsuits! Bring your picnic lunches, beverages of choice, sun hats, sunglasses, swimsuit, floaties and sunscreen, each day we’ll raft the boats together and go swimming. Boat owners please bring fenders for rafting boats together and an anchor if you have it. There are a couple of local dining options for breakfast. Those not wishing to picnic aboard their boats are welcome to lunch on the lake where they choose.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021, 6pm: Potluck dinner with Jim Deichler preparing our entrée each evening, on Tsasdi Resort’s deck.
Wednesday, September 8, 2021, 10:30am: Meet with your boat & trailer out front of Tsasdi’s Resort. We’ll tow them to Bridge Bay to launch for a day of cruising on lake. Wear your swimsuits! Bring your own packed picnic lunch to eat aboard your boat. There are SS Relief Floating Outhouses located in various areas around the lake. After lunch there will be swimming, floating and water skiing.
Wednesday, September 8, 2021, 7:00 pm Potluck dinner at Tsasdi Resort with Jim Deichler preparing our entrée.
Thursday, September 9, 2021, 10:30am: Leave from Tsasdi’s with boat/trailer. Pack your best picnic lunch to bring on your boat. Wear your swimsuits! After lunch we’ll float and swim. Water skiing anyone?
Thursday, September 9, 2021, 7:00 pm: Potluck dinner at Tsasdi Resort. Let’s bring out those leftover entrees!

Friday, September 10, 2021: Departure Day: We plan to pack up and be out of Tsasdi Resort cabins by 11:00 am checkout time. For those traveling on to Idaho for the International Boat Show’s pre-events at Priest Lake, Rick & Laurie Gurries will be towing their boat. Call Rick Gurries to jump in with our travel plans. 707-484-0095.

Please join us for a fun boating weekend! Our boats will likely be brought to Bridge Bay Resort each day and launched due to low water. It is expected that Tsasdi Resort may not have their docks in the water in front of the resort as usual. All meals at Tsasdi Resort will be potluck. Our many thanks go to Jim Deichler who will be preparing our entrees on Tuesday & Wednesday nights.

To register, please complete the form below and if you select “offline” mail your $20 payment to Laurie Gurries no later than August 20, 2021 OR complete the form below and pay via PayPal.  Please list all attendees. If all attendees names aren’t there, they aren’t covered by ACBS insurance. Don’t forget boat insurance certificate.

Although we don’t know yet what the local Covid guidelines will be, we do encourage attendees to strongly consider getting their Covid vaccines if you haven’t already done so, just to make for a safer experience.

Lodging arrangements can be made at Tsasdi Resort, 530-238-2575. Their address is 19990 Lakeshore Drive, Lakehead, CA  96051. Give Scott a call and he’ll get you set up!

Warmest Regards,

Laurie & Rick Gurries

Rick’s cell: 707-484-0095

Laurie’s cell: 707-888-9171

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