Glovebox Outreach Program

So, you’re towing your boat to the next event or you’re already there, you pull up to the dock and someone comes up to you and says, “Beautiful boat.”

Then the questions start coming.  What do you do?  You answer their questions, PROUDLY, of course.  But NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!  Time to invite this new boating friend if they’d like to join our ACBS chapter.  Do they need a boat?  Of course not!  We always have a ride for new members without boats.  PROBLEM:  You don’t have a pen or paper and neither does your new friend.  SOLUTION:  Reach into the glove box of your car OR your boat and hand them a new member packet!  DONE!

In this packet is everything they will need to find out more about ACBS along with a membership form and envelope.  Where do you get a few packets for your glove box?  Contact Virginia Gompertz at 925-250-6848 or to secure your packets.