Member Profile: John Lawrence

Photo:  W&G XVIII Classic Race Boat Coordinator John Lawrence.  1972 17’ Lauterbach E Class Hydro 280, THRILL ME.

All we asked him to do was coordinate this year’s ACBS Chapter’s Wood & Glory’s Classic Race Boat activities.  And man, did John Lawrence coordinate. At this time, limited invitations to 15 classic racing boat contacts have been confirmed, and John is “producing” some exciting new boats and their related stories for us to appreciate and enjoy at this year’s activities.   The (CRB) boats will be displayed at our Saturday Casino Show, and featured both on and off the water during our Sunday Lakeport Library Park activities.  Many of us know John from his past co-chairing of our Wood & Glory events; yet here’s part of the rest of his Story.

john lawrence march 2016   

John Lawrence, March 2016 – “Let me make a few calls.”

ACBS Member Profile:      

Chapter:  ACBS Northern California / Lake Tahoe

Joined:  1999

Chapter Director:  2013 – 2015

Co Chairman: Wood & Glory 2011 – 2014

Coordinator:  Wood & Glory 2016 Classic Race Boat Activities

Hometown:  Oakland, CA.  Raised family:  CC County

Current Residence(s):  Kelseyville Ca., La Quinta, Ca.

Contact: 925-787-2000 cell

Family:  Two sons and 5 grandchildren.

Military:  Naval Aviation, 6 years of “going fast”.

Retired:  Financial – The Lawrence Investment Company

First Boating Smiles:  3 years old, family’s Clear Lake cabin.

Boat(s) owned / restored:

Childhood – Slow El Toro sailboat, Lake Merritt.

Age 13 – Memorable Christmas present from parents,

Class D racing Runabout with 7-1/2HP Mercury “racing engine”.  Hang on!

2006 – purchased, restored 1972, 17’ – Lauterbach E Class Hydro 280, E 247, THRILL ME.  Restored with expertise & help              from Marshall Krause.

How fast do you go?  “In the boat’s (Lauterbach) 1972 through 1980 racing days, the top speed was around 105 MPH.  Since my ownership, I have been able to attain a GPS speed reading of just 98 MPH.”  “However as I age (along with my old wooden boat) I realize that I do not read the water conditions as well as I should, so my comfort zone is now around 80 MPH.  But a short burst into the 90’s still excites me.”

 Presented by Wayne Mooers, Event Chairman, March 2016 ,