Nominations posted for 2017 Officers and Directors

Each year at our Annual Membership Meeting in November, the ACBS NC/LT membership is presented with the following years slate of Officers and Directors.  The 2017 slate of Officers and Directors is as follows:

President:  Debra Dobbins

1st VP:  Layne Davis

2nd VP: Robert Gaestel

3rd VP: Don Leutz

Directors Class of 2017: Cheryl Caplan to fulfill last year of Tom O’Rourke’s term

Directors Class of 2019: Miles Kashyap, Pat Butler, Bill Means, Gordon Kirkland

This slate of officers will be voted upon at the Annual Membership Dinner on Saturday, November 5th at the Lafayette Park Hotel in Lafayette, CA.  Hope to see you there! Sign up for the days events here.