It is wonderful that we can give money to the Sea Scout troops, the Tahoe Maritime Museum, the Thunderbird Preservation Society, and other worthy non-profits.  Each year we try to grant a portion of the earnings of the endowed funds enabling the Endowment to grow and therefore increase support to worthy groups in the future.  We always have more funds requested than earnings available.

We aim a lot of our philanthropic endeavors toward youth groups.  They all deserve to have the equipment, facilities and supplies, etc. to succeed in their endeavors.  At the same time, this exposes them to ACBS and we can be hopeful that some of them will grow with us and possibly be custodians of our antique and classic boats in the future.

If you are interested, there are a few ways that you can help us grow our endowment and possibly get a tax deduction for your generosity. 

  1. Straight forward donations are an immediate method of increasing our endowed funds. If they can be matched by an employer, all the better.
  2. Make an annual contribution to the Fund.
  3. Leave a gift in your will or trust to go to the ACBS endowment.
  4. Form a Charitable Gift Annuity.
  5. Make a gift of Appreciated Assets – Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds.
  6. IRA Charitable Rollover or a simple change in beneficiary in an IRA.

A gift through your will or trust is a wonderful way of ensuring that support of the ACBS-Tahoe Endowment continues for future generations.  If you already have a will, you can create a simple codicil to easily add a gift to ACBS.  Your financial adviser or stock broker can make a simple change to your IRA.   If you want to include ACBS in your IRA or will or trust please use our full legal name:  Antique & Classic Boat Society, Northern California/ Lake Tahoe Chapter.

Feel free to contact Rich Fisher or Steve Caplan if you wish to discuss this further.

Rich.fisher34@yahoo.com                           scaplan42@gmail.com

1 925 525 5428                                                   1 408 981 6996