Thousands Enjoy 4th of July Parade in Truckee

photos courtesy of Cheryl Caplan

On July 4th, Rich Fisher and Nancy Bartolomei led a contingent of three boats from the Northern CA/Lake Tahoe Chapter pulling the ACBS NC/LT trailer in the annual Truckee Parade.  What fun!

Following the ACBS trailer was Lollipop, a 1948 Chris Craft red & white racing runabout pulled by Steve & Cheryl Caplan in Steve’s red and white 1962 Willys station wagon.  The next boat was CoCo, a 1956 Century Resorter, belonging to Gene and Carol King who rode in their boat with their grandkids and other family.  Taking up the rear, in style, was Knock on Wood, a 1959 Chris Craft Continental filled with owners Miles and Conner Kashyap and their friends.  Enjoy the pictures of the really fun way we started our 4th of July celebrations.  Maybe you will be inspired to be in the parade next year!