Wood & Glory XXII Honors Donna & Allen Thomas

Presented by Wayne Mooers

Please join in this year and recognize Donna and Allen Thomas as this year’s Wood & Glory Guests of Honor.  2020 marks our 22nd event year, along with the Thomas’ continuous 15th year of generosity, support and sponsorship of your ACBS Clear Lake Classic boating event.  

Recognize they are our members who among other things welcome us into their Clear Lake Corinthian Bay lakefront home to enjoy the sunset and completely host our opening reception.  Then they lead and present our lively and successful fund raising auction at the Boatique Winery.  Hold out your hand and say thank again to your classic boating friends, Donna & Allen.

In developing this article and talking about old times with Donna, she stops, smiles and then shares:

“As kids, both Allen and I used to water ski down the San Rafael channel showing off in front of our high school… long before it was a 5 MPH speed zone!  In hindsight, I’m thinking we’ve been going “full speed” from our very beginning!  Our parents were all early boaters, and as we grew up together, married and raised our children, boating on the Bay, Delta and lakes continued to keep our families going full speed together!

“Likewise our later “classic” moments and boating times with you – our ACBS friends – are very special to us.  We are equally honored to share our Clear Lake lakefront home, and Wood & Glory good times with you also. So let’s get cooking & let’s go boating.”

Event Chairman Jim Robello (and Gail) add in,

 “Over 15 years ago we first met Donna & Allen at Wood & Glory.  They came to see the classic boats, and both immediately connected to our boats and members. They were hooked & soon started showing up with their 1938 award winnings boats –  Rascal and then Miss Daisy.

“When we started the fundraising they both jumped in to help. Donna was instrumental in the silent auction and Allen captured our smiles (and dollars) as our humorous Auctioneer. You are both appreciated.”

 Summary Profile, ACBS Members Allen & Donna Thomas

Raised: Donna & Allen: 1950’s, San Rafael, CA

Graduated: San Rafael High School, 1959

                      San Jose & San Francisco State Colleges

Married: March 1961- (celebrating 59 years!)

Children: 2 daughters, 1 son, 7 grandchildren.      

Allen Served: 8 years, California National Guard

Donna served: Motherhood & CFO of family business!

Reside: Winter Palm Desert, Summer Kelseyville

Allen’s Career: President, CEO, architectural sign mfg.

> Thomas –  Swan Sign Co. Inc, est. 1877

Proud of: Our 4th generation family company!

Recognized: Allen, Director, CA Water Foul Assoc.

Allen enjoys: Old Boats, old cars, golf, ducks & family

Donna enjoys: Family moments, cooking, entertaining

First boating: Early 1940’s; SF Bay, Shasta, Clear Lake

Joined ACBS: 2005

Classic Boats:     1938 CC 16’ Racing Runabout, Rascal*

RASCAL, our award winning ‘38 16’ CC Racing Runabout. Perhaps our favorite for 2 of us out watching the sun set. For a Wood & Glory press promotion, we hired a crane to lift her over our house and launch her in our lake front pool!

 1938 CC 21’ Utility Miss Daisy*

Groody photo
Miss Daisy, our 1938 21’ Utility offers us space and comfort for family and entertaining times. 
Poster Boat, W&G 2017

                                1960 Century Resorter, Sweet Water*

Groody photo
SWEET WATER, our classic 1960 17’ Century Resorter. Fast & sporty, she won Best Century in W&G 2019 showing

                                   * All ACBS event award winners        

“Man Cave”:      Allen’s Kelseyville, boat & car showroom

Remembering:  Crane launching Rascal into our pool!

 Charity:               > Operation Tango Mike, Lake County

                              > California Water Foul Association



Thursday Evening, 5:30 pm, June 4, 2020