Wood & Glory XXIII Update

Article & pictures courtesy of Wayne Mooers

We Thank Gail & Jim Robello

Join with your fellow members in cheering on Gail & Jim Robello for their 22 years of dedication to Wood & Glory’s success story.  At the recent board of directors meeting Jim announced their planned retirement from their (3rd time) as W&G Chair position, and passed off to co-chairwoman Barbara Foster the W&G XXIII leadership role.

In the beginning… Jim recalls his W&G co founding days alongside Jim Fentress in September 1999:  ‘It simply happened because a bunch of Clear Lake classic boating enthusiasts got together and had a good time.  We’re proud to be part of a group of our very energetic chapter members & valued commercial sponsors who joined in with us to make our event successful all these years”.  Yet Jim is a shy kind of a guy, and we all know he and Gail are the “epoxy” adhesion members that kept the “Glory” in Wood & Glory. For 22 years we’ve all had a great time! We sincerely cheer you on and thank you – Jim & Gail Robello for making it happen.

Robello Profile….

Joined ACBS          1998

First Boating Smiles:  1949 family boat, Pinecrest

Chapter Director & Officer:  2000 – 2010

Chapter President:  2010

W&G Chairman:  1999>01, 2005>2011, 2018-2020

Current Classic Boats:

     1936 19’ Chris Craft Custom, Woody Fever

     1961 19’ CC Continental,         Miss Jamie

     1966 21’ Century Coronado,   Wood & Glory

    1985 22’ Century Coronado,   Gail Ann

Retired:         2006, financial management

Interests:      Family, traveling, classic boating

Residence:   Buckingham Park, Kelseyville, CA

We Welcome Barbara & Dan Foster

 “I find myself Back In Time again with my childhood Clear Lake memories.  I grew up in Oakland Ca and attended Skyline High school.  For me, the story now comes full circle! Every year I would spend my special summer days at Clear Lake never wanting to go home.  Yet here I am again, with my classmates – Jim Robello, Gene Dangel, and husband Dan presenting W&G XXIII to you.  I thank you again for the opportunity and your confidence.”

At this early point we are reviewing our past event’s activities and planning – in these uncertain times, for our future W&G venues. We have set the dates back again to June 3>6th, 2021.  Our direction is to bring our show and lodging to one central location – the newly renovated Konocti Harbor Inn facilities, while also still enjoying our traditional social evenings and winery dinner.  Our Wood & Glory June 202l theme is:

 A Country Ho Down…. with GLITZ!

Save the Date, Stay Tuned, Join in again.

We welcome your thoughts and help.

Foster Profile….

Joined ACBS:         1991

First Boating Smiles:  1928, Clear Lake

Chapter Director & Officer:  2001 > 2020

Chapter President:  2016

W&G Co Chairman 2018 > 2020

 Current Classic Boats:

                1929 22’ Nunes Brothers    Maybe Not II

                1965 19’ Philbrick                Back In Time

                1980 20’ Arena Custom       Why Knot

Career:         Owner, Real Estate Broker, 42 years

Interests:      family, boating, and fast race boats

       Helping others accomplish their lifelong dreams

Residence:   San Ramon, CA